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  • Tray sealer with vacuum and gas from stock.
  • Side-gusset bags for a big, smooth printable surface.
  • Stand-up pouches with spout for liquid packaging. Minimum order quantity: 1000.
  • Recloseble bags for the highest costumer needs.
  • Sous-vide cooking is one of the most advanced and required techniques worldwide. Choose a healthy cooking, choose vacook.
  • Cookable vacuum bags for sous-vide technology.
  • Trays for pratical packaging of triangle-shaped products especially for sandwiches.
  • PP trays in different sizes and colours, with or without lid.
  • Bags with metallized colour on the back-side and transparent on the front-side are satisfy every costumer needs.
For now, thanks to our 20 years of experience, we don’t know any insolvable case in vacuum packaging.
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Why vacuum?

Under vacuum food preserves it’t flavor, texture, moisture, appearance and freshness 3-5 times longer. View the shelf life of foods with and without vacuum.