vapor barrier

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  • high barrier paper – stand up zip lock pouch

    4 250 Ft8 520 Ft + Áfa

    Paper on the outside, silver plastic on the inside, weldable, aroma-preserving, vapor barrier, resealable pouch that can be placed upright on a shelf.

  • clear – side-folded pouch

    3 470 Ft + Áfa

    Clear pouch, that can be aroma-preserving, vapor barrier, or simply clear. Can be used as a stand-on pouch for heavier products.
    Dimension: 105 +2×25 x 290 mm
    100 pcs / pack

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  • clear pouch – middle-capped

    5 010 Ft8 580 Ft + Áfa

    Clear, hot-fill pouch with cap, which can be used for both manual filling and automatic filling systems.