When you start packing coffee, care must be taken to ensure long-lasting quality for the consumer.
The quality of roasted coffee deteriorates rapidly in contact with air, so it must be packaged immediately after roasting, using vacuum technology that also removes the remaining air.
The essence of coffee beans is their aroma. There’s only one way to preserve it: with an aroma protection valve hidden in the packaging. This helps to ensure that gases escaping from the coffee, such as carbon dioxide, can escape freely and that no oxygen can enter the packaging protecting the coffee.

Our solutions for packaging coffee:
Packaging materials: silver vacuum pouches
Packaging materials: chamber vacuum machines ; stand-up pouch vacuum machines


Pickles leach, so particular care must be taken with the packaging and the machine. Polyethylene materials are not a good choice for this product, but the base material for vacuum pouches is perfectly suitable, as it is durable, aroma-preserving and can withstand acidic environments.  A small vacuum is required during packaging!
If you buy a packaging machine, pay attention to its quality and acid resistance. Precisely to avoid corrosion, you should choose a machine with a welding head on top! In our range, we offer you the chamber and the stand-on pouch vacuum packaging machines!

Our solutions for packaging pickles:
Packaging materials: vacuum pouch for storage
Packaging machines: chamber vacuum machines ; stand-up pouch vacuum machines


Warning! Vegetables produce gas! This can be avoided by packing in refrigerated conditions and then storing refrigerated.The well treated, peeled, chopped vegetables are packed in natural vacuum pouches! For the automated packaging of large quantities of vegetables that are not ready to cook, we offer our shrink-wrapping machines with the appropriate packaging material. Leafy vegetables should be packed in a breathable bag. More information on vegetable packaging HERE.

Our solutions for packaging vegetables:
Packaging materials: vacuum pouch for storage
Packaging machines: chamber vacuum machines shrink wrapping machines


According to the new regulation, the ground paprika must be packaged in light barrier and grease-proof packaging material that meets the requirements of the food hygiene legislation. In line with this, our standard packaging materials include a light barrier and aroma preservign design for ground paprika, both in back-welded and side-fold versions, with red outer cover.

Our solutions for packaging red paprika:
Packaging materials:  silver vacuum pouches
Packaging machines: chamber vacuum machinesimpulse welders


There is no need to vacuum at all, because our zip lock pouch provides perfect shelf life. It looks very good in stand-on design. If for some reason vacuuming is still required, a machine with a dust filter may be used.

Our solutions for packaging powders:
Packaging materials:   stand-on zip lock pouches
Packaging machines: chamber vacuum machinesimpulse welders


Packed in an external vacuum pouch machine with a liquid separator. Our Henkelmann machines include upright (vertical) machines, perfect for packaging liquids. As for the pouch, we recommend using the capped pouches. We can fit the caps on any of our pouches. Central and spout-like design, ensuring easy pouring from the side to the top of the pouch. Capped pouches can be filled through a cap, so there is no need for a packing machine, simply screw the cap onto the spout after filling. If you don’t need a cap, in fact any of our pouches can be suitable for liquid packaging, the  stand-on pouches give all liquids a very aesthetic look, but if you’re not interested in looks, a simple pillow pouch can be suitable.

Our solutions for packaging liquids:
Packaging materials: capped pouchesstand-on pouchpillow pouch
Packaging machines: chamber vacuum machinesimpulse welders


Germination is a very important aspect of dairy packaging, with careful attention to the temperature that cannot be exceeded (e.g. vitamins should not volatilise). The adjustable temperature on the Vacook machine ensures product consistency. You can also pack the products in trays or vacuum pouches. More information on dairy product packaging  here.

Our solutions for packaging dairy products:
Packaging materials: vacuum pouch for storage
Packaging machines: chamber vacuum machines 


Perfectly vacuum sealable products! For red meats, it is necessary to pay attention to the high percentage of oxygen in the protective gas, which requires special conditions. Vacuum pouches can be used as required, as well as a vacuum tray sealing machine with a vacuum inert gas. More information on meat packaging here.

Our solutions for packaging meets:
Packaging materials: vacuum pouch for storage
Packaging machines: chamber vacuum machines 


BP 40 is highly recommended if the packaged product is destined for retail, on the shelf, otherwise BP 30 is perfect.
We can also provide large machines and filling lines for automated food packaging.
Cover foils can be used to close the tray. Fixes foil cannot be peeled off the tray, Peel foil can only be peeled off the PP trays, but PeelU foil can be peeled off all trays.

Our solutions for packaging prepared meals:
Packaging materials: F tálcák
Packaging machines: tray sealing machines  


They require puncture-resistant, polyamide packaging, which we solve with laminated pouches in excellent quality. When a vacuum is not required, they are best shown in an aroma-preserving and vapor barrier, zip lock pouch.

Our solutions for packaging seeds:
Packaging materials: puncture resistant vacuum pouch; stand-on pouchstand-on zip lock pouches
Packaging machines: chamber vacuum machinesimpulse welders


Use side-fold BOPP packaging that opens to a square, providing an aesthetic packaging for soaps that is easy to insert.

Our solutions for packaging seeds:
Packaging materials: side-fold pouches
Packaging machines: impulse welders