Our main activity is the production and distribution of packaging material (pouch, foil, tray, label) and the distribution of high-quality packaging machines. However, we also undertake foil lamination, foil painting and contract making-up.


With our 800mm wide, solvent laminating machine, we also undertake contract laminating of clients’ own material.
Lamination of any foil is possible, lamination of aluminum foil up to 7 micron is possible.
We also undertake the production of duplex and triplex foils, and in combination with our dyeing machine we can also make sandwich-painted foils.


We undertake the painting of 6 colors (4color + 2direct) foils on our own or the client’s own material, with shaver-blade, ceramic screen roller technology.
Maximum print size: 750 mm
We also undertake surface painting and sandwich painting between layers.
You can also entrust us with graphic work and plate-making. We use only long-lasting plates that ensure perfect quality painting, which we make but are the property of our customers.


We undertake to make the following types of pouches from clients’ own materials:

  • Flat pouch welded on 3 or 2 sides (min. size: 40x50mm max. size: 600x2000mm)
  • stand-on pouch (min. size 90×150 mm max. size:300×600 mm)
  • side-fold pouch (min. size:110×200 mm max. size:300×400 mm)
  • zip lock pouch (min. size: 90×200 mm max. size: 300×500 mm)

We can also make a hose of up to 600 mm at the top of the pouches, even in silver/gold – transparent design.

The material of the pouch must always be tested on the assembly machines to make sure we can create a perfect weld.