embossed vacuum hose

1 067 Ft2 122 Ft + Áfa

Air duct foil hose for external-pouch vacuum machines.

Hose made of ribbed vacuum foil designed for external pouch machines.
“Two-side welded, 6 m long “tube” made of 7-layer coextruded material, which is perfect for vacuum packaging due to its aroma-preserving properties.”
Vacuum packaging allows food to be preserved without added additives or preservatives.

It is important to note that this type of pouch is not suitable for the packaging of soup products and liquids, for those we recommend our vacuum pouch for storage product.
If you want to pack with your own machine, our recommended machines for the product:
External-pouch vacuum machines

Weight N/A
Dimensions 160 × 200 × 90 cm

150mm x 6m, 200mm x 6m, 250mm x 6m, 300mm x 6m




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