PP tray 187x137mm

12 360 Ft21 600 Ft + Áfa

Flat-rim, hot-fill tray for sealing with foil.

Thick polypropylene tray with a weldable rim, which is also suitable for packaging hot soups.
Available in several depths, from 125ml to 1350ml.
Due to the PP material, the tray can be microwaved, frozen and shocked. In transparent and black colors can be taken from stock, and can be ordered in blue and yellow according to individual needs.

We produce various cover foils for the trays, you can select the foil that best suits your product under the menu foils. If you are looking for a complete packaging solution, please call our expert.
If you want to pack with your own machine, our recommended machines for the product:
Tray sealing machines >>>
Vacuum and modified atmosphere tray sealer machine >>>

Weight N/A

187mm x 136mm x 16mm (transzparens), 187mm x 136mm x 25mm (transzparens), 187mm x 136mm x 36mm (fekete), 187mm x 136mm x 50mm (transzparens), 187mm x 136mm x 50mm (fekete), 187mm x 136mm x 65mm (transzparens), 187mm x 136mm x 65mm (fekete), 187mm x 136mm x 83mm (transzparens)


Fekete, Transzparens