food sample pouch

15 600 Ft + Áfa

Sterile pouch for storing food samples packed for NÉBIH.

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Food sample storage pouch for quick and sterile sampling. Dimension: 21cmx35cm
The packaging is completely sterile and germ-free
Sampling is a simple, small movement
It only needs to be supplemented with an alcohol felt-tip pen
They do not break, unlike glass
Suitable for storing both liquid and solid food
No need to wash or sterilize or use separate human resources.
Minimum order 1000 pcs
If you want to pack with your own machine, our recommended machines for the product:
Impulse welders >>>
Legislation on food samples:
Annex 4 to Decree 62/2011 (30. VI.) of Ministry of Rural Development
Food sample requirements
At least 100 grams of each type of food, packaged in the container referred to in point 3, must be kept for 72 hours in a cold store at a temperature of between 0 and + 5 ° C during public catering and event catering.
The food sample should be placed in a container or package at the end of serving or catering.
A clean, microbiologically and chemically suitable container or packaging may be used for the food sample, which shall not cause contamination of the food sample and shall ensure that the food sample is protected from contamination during storage.
The container or packaging must be sealed and marked in such a way that its contents cannot be manipulated without any visible damage to the seal or packaging.
The marking of the food sample includes the name of the food, the name of the sampler and the time of sampling to the nearest hour and minute.
It is not necessary to have a separate food sample in the on-site serving kitchen as in the cooking kitchen

It is forbidden to carry out any subsequent treatment on the food sample which may alter the microbial count or the composition of the sample.

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