thermoforming film

Deep-drawing foil for automatic deep-drawing-filling-packaging (FFS) machines.

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“Bottom foil for automatic machines, i.e. deep-drawing foil for vacuum or vacuum-modified atmosphere packaging.”
Foil available in a variety of thicknesses and widths, specially developed for vacuum forming, so we can provide the right quality for any product, for any deep-drawing machine of any brand.
It takes the shape of the product absolutely under vacuum, provides perfect protection, and allows for clear, peelable and flexible packaging.
If you want to pack with your own machine, our recommended machines for the product:
Vacuum modified atmosphere deep-drawing machine (FFS) >>>


425mm x 600m, 425mm x 400m, 425mm x 200m, 365mm x 350m


100 mikron, 150 mikron, 200 mikron, 300 mikron




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