Automatic horizontal packing machines with shrink chamber

General description
The most important feature of this packaging machine is the L-shaped welding head.
“Thanks to the single vertical welding head, the machine welds and cuts the foil at the same pressure at every point of the foil, unlike the old “scissors” type welding and cutting.”
There is no gap between the conveyor belts, so the problem of product jams has been eliminated.
Custom, product-designed exit and feeding belts can be connected to the machine; for vegetables and baked goods individual support- and guidewires can be connected to the machine.
The shrink wrapper can be ordered in a compact version that includes the shrink chamber, or if you would use the shrink chamber for other machines, it can be ordered separately.
Ask our colleague for detailed dimensions and data of the machine!
Welding head length: 450×600 mm
Maximum width: 350 mm
Maximum length: 500 mm
Maximum height: 150 mm
Foil width: 550 mm
Roll diameter: 350 mm
Power supply: 400 V – 3 phases
Consumption: 8 Kw
Air: 6 bar (permanent)
Machine color: RAL 9003
Desk height: 900 +/- 50
Machine size: according to the drawing
Weight: 700 kg
Speed ​​in A4 size: 35 pcs/minute
Video on using the machine:

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