Performa 420

Automata vákuumos védőgázas mélyhúzó-lezárógép

The PERFORMA deep-drawing machine is a fully automatic packaging machine that prepares a tray for food storage, allows it to be filled on the machine and then seals the tray by sealing it with foil. The packaging process starts with tray forming, followed by product filling, weighing, sorting, vacuuming, gas injection, labelling and collection.

The machine body is made entirely of AISI304 acid-resistant steel. The conveyor belt and moving parts are made of hygienic materials. The machine is very easy to use, maintain and clean.

The machine is made to order, completely customized to the product and the customer’s needs. The machine will be designed and built according to existing plant conditions.

We can help you choose the right top and bottom foil combination to maximise the shelf life of your product and increase its marketability.

The machine is equipped with a special continuous volume-controlled gas injection system that ensures that the package contains exactly the right amount of shielding gas. And the ZERO2XYGEN system allows the maximum vacuum level to be achieved, ensuring minimum oxygen levels in the package. With this system, both liquid and hot products can be packaged.

The touchscreen PLC control allows access and adjustment of all functions required for operation. The machine can be quickly and easily set up for 99 different processes, allowing the use of different bottom and top foils. The automated system continuously controls and monitors the production process so in the event of a malfunction or commissioning error, it immediately warns and takes action to protect the system.

The PERFORMA machine tooling is made of anodised aluminium blocks. The welding parts are Teflon coated. The heating unit is insulated so the product is not exposed to heat. The complete welding tooling consists of a bottom tool, a top unit, a knife, heating pads and heat control units.

The machine has international certificates of conformity and we can also supply top and bottom foils to suit individual requirements.