184 630 Ft + Áfa

Small scale, external-pouch vacuum machine

Vacuum pump: self-lubricating 10 l/min
With liquid separator
Power supply: 110 V-60 Hz / 230 V-50 Hz
Vacuum system: sensory, external filter for liquids and powders
Cover: acid-resistant steel
Weight: 6.5 kg
Operation: automatic / manual
Display: LCD
Welding: electronic, adjustable
Automatic cooling / timing system
Control unit: digital
Air release: with solenoid valve
Start-up: with a microswitch
Can be vacuumed: air duct pouch, bowl, glass, pot… (with appropriate lid)
Dimensions: 420x290x165 mm
You can watch a video on using the machine HERE.

Weight 7 ,8 kg