hot fill vacuum pouch

1 790 Ft9 690 Ft + Áfa

90 or 140 micron clear pouch, also suitable for filling and vacuuming hot, 100-degree products.

A thicker, 90-micron, heat-resistant version of the classic vacuum pouch.
Vacuum pouch made of 7-layer coextruded material, which, thanks to a special manufacturing process, is perfectly suited for hot filling and low-temperature heat treatment in addition to vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging.
Vacuum packaging allows food to be preserved without added additives or preservatives.
If the product is compressed by the vacuum and this is problematic (e.g. pastries), a modified atmosphere can be injected into the pouch after vacuuming, so that the product retains its shape while ensuring an oxygen-free environment.
In addition, no chemicals are dissolved during hot filling, so it is perfect for packaging soups, juices and other products that need to be filled at almost 100 degrees due to the manufacturing process.
“Since the pouch has “pillow” design (two or three sides welded), it is worth choosing for products offered in horizontal position and for smaller packages where resealability of the pouch is not required.”

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