high barrier stand up zip lock pouch

Transparent pouch that does not allow air humidity to pass through, retains the aroma of the product and can be placed upright on a shelf and is resealable.

We manufacture pillow pouches to order, which, in addition to the aroma-preservation, do not allow air humidity into the pouch or, if necessary, keep the moisture content of the product inside the pouch.
The aroma preservation prevents the fragrance of the product from leaving the pouch, and the oxygen content of the air cannot enter the pouch. This increases the healthy life span of the product without preservatives.
Vapor barrier prevents the product from losing moisture and, in the case of a crispy product, prevents air moisture from seeping into the pouch.
Recommended for packaging chips, dried fruits, biscuits, where it is important and advantageous to show the product inside the pouch.
Since it is a stand-on zip lock pillow pouch, it is worth choosing for products stored in horizontal position, for larger packages where resealability of the pouch is required.

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