high oxigen barrier film

Aroma-preserving foil for automatic filling-packing machines.

A foil specially developed for automatic machines, which allows fast, reliable packaging by being weldable even when the surface is not perfectly clean and even.
It is specially recommended for packaging on flowpack machines, it can be a high-gloss, highly transparent or matt aroma-preserving material.
Suitable for packaging piece goods or powdered products that require a modified atmosphere to prevent mechanical deterioration or to increase durability, or for products with a strong odor where aroma-preservation is important.
As we can also produce them in flat foil, semi-hose and hose design, we can provide a suitable design for any automatic machine.
We can also print the foil on demand, with a unique company logo and graphics. If you have such a request, ask for a quote from our colleague.
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If you want to pack with your own machine, our recommended machines for the product:
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