mono material – full polyethylene stand up zip lock pouch

Stand-on and stand-on zip lock pouch made of 100% recyclable material.

Why polyethylene? Because it has great properties. The original is the classic “nylon bag”.😊 The new improved version, however, can be vacuumed, aroma-preserving, vapor barrier and can be made into a stand-on zip lock pouch in addition to the simple pillow pouch. It has a very strong weld, so pouches made from it can support heavy weights. It can be painted between the two layers to make an aesthetically pleasing pouch. Due to the low melting temperature of polyethylene, it can be easily recycled with low energy consumption, and regranulate can be used in many applications, including in combination with virgin PE to make new packaging material.

Since the zip lock in the pouch is also polyethylene, the entire pouch is easily recyclable.
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