Shrink tub DT100

Hot water immersion shrink tub for shrink vacuum packaging

The shrink tub is recommended after using the pouch vacuum packing machine if you want your product to stick to the packaging material. This method of packaging requires the use of a special shrink-vacuum pouch that shrinks on heat. A hydraulic lift lowers the packaged product into the hot water in the chamber. After a few seconds, when the product has been smeared on the film, the packets are lifted out of the water.

Technical details
Machine size: 880x1000x1320 mm
Chamber size: 800x600x220 mm
Maximum load quantity: 60 kg
Immersion depth: 220 mm
Cycle time: 3-5sec.
Machine weight: 155 kg
Performance: 15 kW
400V-3-50 Hz
You can watch a video on using the machine HERE