mono material recyclable film rolls

Single material plastic foils for automatic machines

Depending on the machine and the product, we produce single material plastic foils from 3 different types of substrate:

  1. PE/PE raw material – everyone knows polyethylene, the classic “nylon bag” 😊 material. The new, improved version, however, can be aroma-preserving, vacuumable, and can also be made into a stand-on, zip-lock pouch. It has a very strong weld, so pouches made from it can support heavy weights. It can be painted between the two layers to make an aesthetically pleasing pouch. Due to the low melting temperature of polyethylene, it can be easily recycled with low energy consumption, and regranulate can be used in many applications, including in combination with virgin PE to make new packaging material.
  2. PET/PET raw material – PET bottles are also well known to everyone. We have been using and collecting them for a very long time, so this is the material where the world has the most experience in recycling. The novelty is that you can now make a pouch from this material. It can also be vacuumable, aroma-preserving and has the great advantage of being crystal clear. In addition to being recyclable, 80% of the outer layer of our PET/PET bags is already made from recycled PET, so it not only starts the cycle, it’s already in it…
  3. PP/PP raw material – there is now a very wide variety of polypropylene. Beyond the classic “cellophane”, it is also widely used in the food industry. By combining its many properties in a homogeneous material, it can be used to create virtually any pouch design, and can also be used as a cover foil for PP trays to make tray packaging homogeneous.

Ask our colleagues to help, you decide which foil will be the best solution for your product!