Multiform A2

Semi-automatic tray-sealing machine with a 2-cavity tool


The machine only has a cross-cutter, so the width of the foil determines how much the foil will overhang at the edge of the tray.
Dimensions of the packaging machine: 295x450x550 mm
Weight: 25 kg
Voltage: 230 V
Consumption: 75 W
Performance: 5-8 cycles/minute
Acid-resistant steel and anodized aluminum cover
Teflon-coated aluminum tooling
9 storable program settings
Foil pulling-in: automatic
Welding: automatic
Control panel: digital
Welding surface temperature is adjustable: 0-200 °C
Max. foil sizes: width=220 mm roll diameter=200 mm
Max. tray size: 260×195 mm
Max. tray depth: 155 mm
You can watch a video on using the machine HERE!