Mini Jumbo

Welding head length: 280mm – Cycle time: 25-60 sec.

The machine is suitable for packaging small products as well as products of the same material (not programmable).
If you want to buy pouches for it, you can see the vacuum pouches here.
General characteristics
Vacuum packaging machine in table-top design
Acid-resistant cover
An acid-resistant deep-drawn vacuum chamber ensures optimal hygiene
Transparent lid
Cordless welding heads that can be easily removed from the vacuum chamber
The depth of the vacuum chamber can be adjusted with space-filling trays
Optimal final vacuum value: 99,80% (2Mbar)
A 3.5 mm convex welding wire ensures the removal of moisture and thus the hermetic seal
Digital – controls welding and vacuuming times
Other functions
The program can be stopped partially or completely at any time using the STOP button
There is a unique program in the control to maintain the vacuum pump
Special pad for liquid packaging
Connector for vacuuming the external tray
Technical details
Chamber size (l/w/h): 310x280x85 mm
Machine size (l/w/h): 450x330x295 mm
Welding head length: 280 mm
Vacuum pump performance: 4 m3/h
Cycle time: 25-60 sec.
Machine weight: 25 kg
Performance: 0.30 kW
230V-1-50 Hz
Option: raised lid – 130 mm
You can watch a video on using the machine HERE.